The Flex Network - Week 1


JULY 6TH 2018

Welcome to The Flex Network!

Each Friday we'll be dropping the most essential headlines into your inbox whether you need to impress your boss, or you are the boss. We're here to save you time, however you flex. 

Right, now down to business - here are this week's headlines: 

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

IGTV has launched! Now you can post videos up to an hour long on Instagram. Here's an intro to exactly what it is (TL;DR, it's a rival to YouTube and Netflix). Did you know there's already an IGTV app you can download? Get it here

Have a lot to say on Twitter? They have (finally) launched the functionality to support threaded tweets. Perfect for competitions where you need to include T&Cs, or when you want to create a story-led piece and create longer engagement

Facebook have launched a magazine called Grow to overcome consumers' trust issues. They join the likes of digital disruptors ASOS and airBNB in creating a print publication. We can't see FB's digital presence going away anytime soon, however. 

MEPs have rejected a controversial copyright law which would mean Facebook and YouTube et al would be responsible for making sure all uploaded content is copyright-free. Here at The Flexwork Network we don't advocate copyright infringement, but we do love a good meme and this law, if passed, could put an end to that
Love Flexible Working? So do we!

Here's a great opinion piece in the Standard by Lucy Tobin who shows that it makes great business sense for companies to offer flexible working as it saves them money, increases productivity and motivation

Want to ask your boss to go flexi? Here are some tips on how to go about it

Need a mid-career confidence boost? Tune in to this Facebook Live on Monday 9th July with the founders of The Step Up Club. They'll be helping you to quieten any doubting voices and find your groove again. One not to be missed!

Digital Mums held a Facebook live this week with authors Deb Khan and Lisa Unwin who scribed She's Back,  a guide to returning back to work after a career break. Didn't catch it? Watch it here.

According to new research, four in 10 Brits have a side hustle. A study by Henley Business School showed that 45% of side hustlers work over 40 hours a week, and generate £72bn for the UK economy - flexi heroes!

That's all for this week, see you next week! 

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