The Flex Network - Week 11


September 14th 2018

Hey there Flexers,

I'll be having a celebratory G&T later on today as I've been spreading the word about how flexible working should be open to everyone who wants a healthy work/life balance - this week speaking all about it to Refinery 29!  

Now down to business, here's this week's headlines...

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

There's been a debate this week about whether posting the same tweet more than once will get you banned on Twitter. Conclusion: They've cracked down on posting the same content across multiple accounts and spamming hashtags. As long as you've been posting with integrity, you shouldn't need to worry but some experts have been handing out warnings. (H/T to Singing Hinnies for this tip)

Interesting news for podcast and live broadcast fans, Twitter now allows users to create audio-only broadcasts directly from Twitter itself, as well as Periscope

It's been a big week for audio fans, The Guardian have announced that political editor Anushka Asthana will become the host of its new daily news and current affairs podcast, launching by the end of the year.

Launching later this month is a new podcast called Frontiers, a podcast about cultural pioneers and business innovators including Tracey Emin, Wagamama founder Alan Yau and DJ Gilles Peterson.

Facebook have rebranded their Canvas ad unit as "instant experience" (hmmm, OK) and added some additional functionality.

Snapchat have partnered with a publishing site to allow easier access to their content. BUT - is it too little too late?

Flex, freelancing, meet-ups and co-working

Shout out to Epson for doing something really genuinely useful and mega cool. They have created a pop-up co-working space (During September and October) with loads of AMAZING masterclasses going on for free and flex workers.... all for FREE. Talk about supporting the gig economy. The classes look extremely useful, not just sales pitches like some branded events are. Check them out here and book NOW.

Don't forget that if you happen to be a London-based parent, you can join my next networking morning on Monday 24th September in SE22 - this ones for parents who create products for kids, or run children's services. Again, it's free! Just pre-register at the website

There's been a huge breakthrough in the performing arts world - a performer in musical 42nd Street has made West End history by becoming the first to take a role on a job-share basis

That's all for this week, see you next week!

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