The Flex Network - Week 13


28 September 2018


Welcome to all the new flexers, freelancers and small biz owners that have joined over the last week. 🙌 

It was a great networking morning for Parents In Business this week as we gathered to discuss supercharging a small biz. If you're local to South East London and have no time to hit the salon, you can receive 20% with Lianne Storer Hair Design so that you can get your hair done to fit around your busy flex/freelance/babies/kids life! You can email for more info. If you're looking for something to nourish your mind, then you can join BabbleTalks on Oct 2nd & 3rd for their "Ted Talks" for new parents. I love this idea! 


Social Media, Marketing & Tech

Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have left parent company Facebook"to explore our curiosity and creativity again". Does this mean the end of Instagram as we know it? Who knows... just bring back chronological order! That's all we ask for!

Here's a list of all the Easter Eggs in Google Search if you fancy wasting a few hours today

Noticed YouTube looked a bit below par on your new iPhone XS/XS Max? Your days of disappointment are gone, they've updated their iOS app and added HDR capabilities 

Slack have bought a start-up company that uses artificial intelligence to surface important information from your emails and calendar, meaning you can see all your essential info straight in the messaging app

Facebook updates

You can now advertise in Facebook Stories, if that's your kinda thing. Here's a bit more info on how many people use Stories, and on which platforms:


Facebook are are adding extra interactive elements to on-demand and live video and they're also offering advertisers additional premium video advertising options. Facebook are the all-seeing-eye, even if you don't share your data with them. Here's the proof

There's been a slight update to Facebook Pages - here's how to earn a 'very responsive to messages' button to your Facebook page. They're also now allowing some Pages to join, comment and interact in Facebook groups. Really hope this doesn't ruin the most fun thing about FB in ages. 

You can join my Facebook group for Flexers, freelancers and small business owners in London, Surrey and Kent, do it now!

Get these Chrome extensions in your life

Another Chrome extension - this one for using Instagram on a PC. You can now upload pics and manage the app from your laptop.

Holy shirtballs! Stop what you're doing and install this "Ask Janet" from The Good Place Chrome extension on your browser!   (H/T to Kelly Dunlop for this one)


Flex, freelance and small biz news

It's amazing when flexible working options are offered, but not so great when it means the trade-off is a career that will stagnate. As Karen Mattison, co-founder of Timewise, puts it "while great leaps forward have been made in how flexibly we do our jobs today, what we’ve forgotten to talk about is how we make it work." The solution? Looking at job design including how we measure success - basing it on output rather than hours completed

More support for the call to re-look at job design, and how to make flexible work not only in policy, but in practice

This is amazing news! Ten big-name firms are to publish parental leave policies online. The more transparency and support there is for all parents (not just women) to take parental leave, the more accepted it will become. While we're on this subject, here's an article smashing the myth of the CEO work-life balance

Here are some great tips for how to make working from home a success

That's all for this week, see you next week!

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