The Flex Network - Week 15


october 12 2018

Good morning Flexers, 

Hope you've had an excellent and productive week!

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Here's this week's headlines...

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

Big news this week..... BYE BYE Google+ !! It's been announced that the site is going to social media heaven. To be honest we'd already forgotten it existed and maybe Google had too seeing as loads of data was left exposed... and then they 'forgot' to mention it to anyone. It's quite a complex subject though in terms of whether a company should be held accountable to announce flaws in their security

It looks like Facebook is gunning for Slack... they've introduced Facebook Workplace, a work collaboration tool.


Confusingly Instagram seem to be allowing users to upload longer videos to Stories which it'll chop down for you into segments... strange function as surely longer videos should be better suited to IGTV?

In other news, they are making an attempted to crack down on bullying

And in a more exciting update, Stories are going to be available to have more innovative lenses and filters a la Snapchat, as well as branded ones. YASSSS! This is going to be a lot of fun!

Marketing innovations

Nestle have binned off the sugary snacks and now want to use your DNA for a wellness programme using AI and everyone's obsession with taking photos of food (for the greater good, of course...)

This innovative, subscription-model deodorant called Myro comes in a recyclable, refillable case, and is delivered to your door every three months. It uses 50% less plastic than the usual suspects

We've had dry shampoo for hair, Febreze for your house and now we have Day2, a freshening spray for your 'chairdrobe' from Unilever

Have you heard of Pinduoduo? It's a new 'social e-commerce (eg. shopping and social media combine) app that's taken China by storm and is now making waves across the world. In a nutshell, if you can find friends to buy the same products as you, you create a 'purchase team' and get hefty discounts. By doing this, the product itself is spread across the network as you show what you want to buy to your mates

Did you know that Lego ran a crowd-funding campaign for "Lego for adults" which was a hit? Incredible that such a huge company can use customers' money to fund innovation, but it has meant a project has got off the ground quickly - avoiding all the usual red tape

Small business owners, freelancers and flexers

I was going to compile a handy list of co-working spaces for this week's newsletter, but then I realised that the wonderful Frankie from Doing It For The Kids has already done a brilliant one already! Download it here

Wanna go flex? Here's a great new site to find a job share partner

Here's an interesting take on flexible working. That working from home, or the office might not be the answer - but a mix of those two plus time with your clients or customers

Here's a list of companies who are hiring now with great flexible working policies... in principle. Whether it filters down to reality, I'm on the fence.

Work from home? Here's a good resource for tax relief

That's all for this week, see you next week!

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