The Flex Network - Week 2


JULY 13th 2018

Good morning Flexers, 

What an exciting few days! The English football team has united the country despite being out of the World Cup, waistcoats took the world by storm and Federer is out of Wimbledon. However, we'll refrain from mentioning a certain visitor to these shores...

It's also a bumper week for news, so time to get on with the headlines....

Social Media, Marketing & Tech 

You can now hold a Q&A with your followers within Instagram Stories. Note: Questions aren't submitted anonymously as these people found out!

Innovative publishing company Serial Box is using notifications to publish microfiction. As well as being a really interesting business model, what else can you learn from this? UX writing is key. As this blog puts it, "Every single user touchpoint and every piece of visible copy (including all microcopy) is an opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s unique tone of voice and actively engage with the user." 

Want to monitor your brand across the digital landscape for FREE? I stumbled upon Brand24 this week (a free version of Brandwatch). Set up a "tracking project" and from that point forward you can monitor brand mentions across social media, and do deep dives into mentions of key words/hashtags.  

Top influencers can now sell products through Snapchat, kicking off with "self-made" billionaire Kylie Jenner (hmmm...)

Facebook is bringing AR (augmented reality) to ads in the newsfeed... in simplistic terms this means you can "virtually" try on a pair of sunnies and then buy them. They have also expanded their shopping feature to all brands using Instagram Stories. Read all about it here.

Got some time on your commute? Here's an interesting podcast on the future of loyalty schemes


A concept so simple that you can't believe it doesn't already exist. Grab & Go offers a "mini-mart" inside selected taxis. Imagine being able to get your essentials in your Uber on a night out (we'll draw the line at a kebab). 
For Those Who Love to Flex

Feel like you can't switch off? Apple is encouraging users to manage your own screen time while Google's iOS Gmail app uses AI (articifical intelligence) to limit push notifications by determining which emails are most important to you

Tips for explaining a career break, here. (TL;DR confidence is key!)  

They might be out of the World Cup, but there is a lot to be learned from the psychology behind the new attitude of the English football team. Only got a few mins? There are five top tips for success at the end of this genuinely excellent article.   

That's all for this week, see you next week! 

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