The Flex Network - Week 4


JULY 27th 2018

Happy heatwave!

Summer is in full swing, and no-one can stop talking about the British sunshine. 

In between ice-creams, we're preparing for our Parents in Business networking morning for the Health, Wellbeing & Beauty Industries at (London, SE22) on Monday 30th July at 10.30am. I'll be on hand to answer any Qs that you may have about making the most of digital/social media. You can expect great company, good chat, and gallons of coffee. It's free, kids and babies are welcome and you can pre-register here

Now, time to pour a cool drink and catch up on this week's headlines... here we go!

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

Instagram have been super busy lately with so many updates! This week they've launched a music functionality, so that you can now add tunes to your stories! Here's how.

This is a good reminder of the basics of Facebook. The outline is: don't waste time growing fans/likes organically, use paid media wisely, and use more video - it receives the best engagement, with images in second place. 

Twitter have been promoting their 'bookmark' feature this week. Find out more about how to save Tweets for later, here

Want an intro to Artificial Intelligence? Cool London agency AnalogFolk have a video masterclass covering the basics of AI

Love podcasts? Us too! And so does the rest of the nation. Skip to the bottom of this article for a list of recommendations of which ones you should listen to next


Am I the only one who hasn't use the Waze app before? It uses crowd-sourced information to help users avoid traffic and navigate their way to a destination faster. It helped us race through London at lightning speed! After being bought by Google five years ago, their tech looks like it's coming to Google Maps and will be available on Apple Carplay soon. Meanwhile, a new app is being developed to bring the same idea of using crowd-sourced content to help users find parking spaces 


The Friday Flex

In the age of emails, WhatsApp, Slack, Trello, working from home, flexible hours etc. building a really great, fun and collaborative professional circle is really important, says Jo Carnegie in The Telegraph. A good reminder that a strong network is key

The ad industry is still a tough market for flexible workers. According to Lauren Badley of the Government Equalities Office’s Returners Team: "On returning to work, women earn about 2% less on average for every year out of paid work. The penalty is worse for highly qualified women, who earn 4% less on average for each year they take out." This is why Creative Equals are offering returnships for women who have taken a career break

This is a long article but the gist of it is that there are too many assumptions made about men and women and their attitudes towards family and work after having children. This leads to a one-size-fits all treatment for the genders and therefore stereotyping and doesn't help any of us

A four day working week means more efficient working and a better work/life balanceaccording to an experiment in New Zealand. Now this is something we could get on board with!

Want to find a job with flex appeal?

Join the Flexible Workers Facebook group for parents who are looking for work that works. It's a really great supportive community with lots of work opportunities across a variety of industries

That's all for this week, see you next week!


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