The Flex Network - Week 5


August 3rd 2018  

Good morning Flexers, 

It's Friday again, and feeling tropical already. 

While we sit in front of a fan all day, here's this week's headlines...

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

We love social media, but no-one likes a bore who is always glued to their phone. Maybe that's why Facebook and Instagram are letting users set time limits to their scrolling

Too many text convos to follow on WhatsApp every day? Group video calling is now available  

YouTube has finally admitted that vertical video is a thing, and is embracing the format on its web player

Be a flamingo amongst a flock of pigeons etc etc... unlike some pics on Instagram. One account is illustrating just how similar some of our content is on the photo-sharing site

Flex, flex, flex

One for fathers who flex - there is a meet-up group for dads who look after their little ones in South London. The next catch-up is on August 5th, with plenty more coming up in the diary

Work from home on the regular? Here are some tips for making it work

Here's a good head-up for working parents: Forgoing child benefit could affect your state pension.

There's a useful resource here if you need to know the Government-approved approach to flexible working. We're bookmarking this one

There's some good advice for how to explain a career break on your CV in this article from the end of last year

That's all for this week, see you next week!

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