The Flex Network - Week 6


AUgust 10th 2018

Good morning Flexers, 

I’m living the flex life dream this week and writing this from the side of a pool in Italy. That’s the best thing about being flex - your office can be anywhere in the world! 

Here's this week's headlines...

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

There are loads of juicy stats around mobile usage in this article from the BBC including the fact that the volume of mobile calls have dropped for the first time - potentially down to the rise of people using WhatsApp/apps to make phonecalls 

Facebook added an automated confetti and balloons reaction to sympathy posts about last weekend's earthquake in Indonesia due to the platform’s tech not recognising a nuance in language 

Even more depressing than watching 40+ hours of Love Island (regrets, regrets) is that it was basically all one long advertorial for Missguided that has had incredible results for the fashion brand 

Ironically, the images in this piece are a bit rubbish but there are some nice thought-starters around the power of having a strong visual identity and using imagery to make an impact. It also lists some suggestions for free-to-access image banks

Flex, flex, flex

Here’s a really great way to set boundaries for your working life - write a "not-to-do list” 

This research puts the idea that women don’t ask for pay-rises/promotions at work (contributing to the gender pay gap) to the test and actually finds that while women do ask, they may not always receive the same rewards as men

Self-employment is on the rise, although there is still some work to be done for equality - women who work part-time are financially the worst off 

Here’s one for journos who can travel to London, Women In Journalism are hosting a Maternity Comeback Workshop for writers on Mat Leave on Sept 22. It’s £65 but includes lunch

That's all for this week, see you next week!

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