The Flex Network - Week 7


AUGUST 17th 2018

Good morning Flexers, 

It’s a BUMPER issue this week, so let’s just dive straight in!

Here’s this week's headlines...

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

I've covered this in previous weeks, so I’ll keep it brief. You can now set limits for your time on Instagram and Facebook. Here's how

LinkedIn is following in Facebook’s footsteps and relaunching the ‘group’ feature and bringing it back into the main feed, scrapping the standalone app

Find someone who looks at you, the way that Facebook looks at video. They are now helping to convert still images to video in ads. This possibly seems a way to encourage use of their in-house Creative Shop though, taking cash away from agencies

Facebook have released a guide for creative considerations for advertising on mobileincluding the all-important “three seconds” rule - the time you have to grab users’ attention. This was our mantra when I worked for Unilever

Beauty powerhouse L’Oreal is launching a long term AR collab with Facebook

Interested in paid media? Facebook have announced some new and returning targeting groups to reach professionals 

Another paid media tip, according to this article, the Facebook feed is good for direct response ads that have a strong call-to-action. For brand experiences, spend your money on Instagram stories

The robots have won, just see this clip here. Won't be long before The Terminator turns up


Flex, flex, flex

Freelance Portal has just launched! It's a brand new swanky site that lists all the resources and tools that you might need as a freelancer or flexer. Even better, you can upvote the listings so that other people using it know which are the best of the bunch

This tongue in cheek American video is a good reminder of how to calculate your hourly rate

Turning a hobby into a side hustle that earns you cash is often the path to flexing. Here are some of the legals that you need to be aware of

Stacks of great stats about attitudes towards work, childcare and gender in this Guardian article - apparently the UK is abandoning traditional views of gender roles but it's a slow process 

Flexible working isn’t just for working mothers with kids. It’s an option for everyone. Drop the female-biased language from the workplace says Avivah Wittenberg-Cox and work towards gender balanced leadership, which will benefit everyone

That's all for this week, see you next week!

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