The Flex Network - Week 8


august 24th 2018

Hey there Flexers, 

It's Friday again, so it must be time for some shameless self-promotion. My new portfolio website has just launched with all the details about how to hire me for freelance work.  

Here are this week's headlines...

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

Fancy some social media homework? Learn more about marketing on Facebook & Instagram with their range of free online courses on Facebook Blueprint

The New York Public Library has published some classic novels on Insta Stories. Not sure if I would read a whole novel on Instagram, but it's a neat idea and shows innovation within this functionality

What does the future hold for Snapchat? Bloomberg Businessweek investigates...

Twitter have nicked a functionality from their competitors and you can now see messages from people you don't follow in a secondary inbox on mobile

No matter your age, we're all hopelessly addicted to our mobile phones. Tell me something I don't know...

If you moderate a Facebook group, you can now pin comments to help to steer/reignite the conversation. This is another drive to make groups more of a focus for the channel

Flex and freelance

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of workers say men are less committed to their career if they take shared parental leave according to the Hays UK Gender Diversity Report? While women face challenges in their career when taking a career break, men also face huge hurdles too. Here is some essential info for fathers-to-be regarding shared parental leave - a scheme where maternity and paternity can be shared between parents...

.... following on from that, here's some great expert advice for those returning to work after a career break (ignore the headline that just says 'maternity')

Remote workers are outperforming office workers, according to this article. Why? Less distraction and a quieter environment means that workers can concentrate more easily when working from home. Hurrah for the freelance life!

Freelancer who writes for British titles? Here's a list of rates for journalists for UK publications, including whether the pay is seen as being too low

Here's an interesting article for mums, or mums-to-be which outlines five little known maternity rights to be aware of...

Self-employed but want to buy a house? Here are some tips on how to get a mortgage

That's all for this week, see you next week!

I'm Angharad Salazar Llewellyn. I'm a freelance social media consultant, brand editor and journalist available for hire. Just email me if you'd like to work together. Like this newsletter? You can buy me a coffee, here.

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