The Flex Network - Week 9


august 31st 2018

Good morning flexers, freelancers and social media fiends,

It's almost the weekend so that can only mean one thing, here's this week's headlines...

Social Media, Marketing & Tech

Facebook Watch has launched, and there's loads of nice juicy stats in this BBC article taken from its US launch a year ago. It's basically a rival to traditional TV, IGTV, YouTube, Netflix et al

Speaking of IGTV,  there are some interesting stats in here about how it stacks up against YouTube (spoiler alert: it doesn't)

Twitter ran a test prompting some users to unfollow accounts that are no longer relevant to them. An interesting way to try and improve the quality of users' timelines

Because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and GDPR, Facebook is cracking down on what data is available to advertisers and removing 5000+ targeting options, as well as removing third party data in a move that will shake up the paid media landscape a great deal. Here's a good guide on what to do now that your target group targeting may no longer be available

Facebook is rolling out access to a pixel for Facebook groups. For those who don't know - this is what a Facebook pixel is and here's how to create one, and here's some advice on how to comply with GDPR 

Am I the only one who hadn't realised Google had a search engine for flights, similar to Skyscanner? Google Flights may have been around for a while, but they are expanding the service this year

Flex, freelance and #workthatworks

Deb Khan and Lisa Unwin from She's Back have revealed the secret to returning to work after having children... there's some really solid advice in here about how to make it work  

Not sure whether this is a PR stunt, but a huge accountancy firm has launched a scheme so that some new recruits can work the hours that they want including shorter weekly working hours, or even just working a few months of the year. It has also has a returnship for more senior employees to get back into work! Go PwC!

HMRC are running a series of webinars all about business expenses for the self-employed

Having the confidence to charge the hourly/day rate that you are worth is the subject of this article by "True Worth Expert" Vanessa Ugatti. It's a good reminder to value all the experience that you have and the journey you have taken so far when considering your rates

I created a 'Tell me more' questionnaire for my clients on my site this week, but it's a good checklist to ensure that your own side-hustle/project/small biz is on track. See it here. Think something is missing/can be improved? Send me feedback!

That's all for this week, see you next week!

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